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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Bill Pullman, Chris Pine HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Eight Below"  photo
Bottle Shock
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jul 29, 2008
Bill Pullman and Chris Pine - Bottle Shock

Q1: I love the parenting in this movie, the idea of boxing your kid, (laughter) I was wondering where that came from.
BP: Oh, that's why I took the part. You can't really do that to your own kids these days, you know, people find it old school or something, but the hard know, as they used to say.

Q2: And look what's happened to this generation because of that. (laughter)
BP: Yeah, they want the soft chair, you're getting it for yourself, they think, oh, he's getting me the chair. (laughter)

Q3: Is that something that really happened, because your character is obviously based on a real person, so is that, did he really box with his son?
BP: He didn't literally, he figuratively, but you know, it's a very tough you know, enviornment to air, but I mean, they're real people with a great business that they run together and they work things out but it's tough you know, and there's times where they push and shove each other kind o...

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