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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Alan Rickman HollywoodNewsWire.net  ""Bottle Shock" Junket"  photo
Bottle Shock
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jul 29, 2008
Alan Rickman – Bottle Shock

Q1: Welcome to the land of shake and bake. Is this the 1st earthquake that you've been through.
AR: No.
Q: Oh, it's not?
AR: That's why I'm full of sense memory here.
Q: Is this the worst earthquake you've been in?
AR: Nope, '94.
Q: This was nothing compared to that.
AR: I know, but the body doesn't know that and the body goes `It's that again!' (laughs)

Q2: What floor were you on when this one struck?
AR: This floor. But I said I'd like a copy of that interview, please. (laughs). There was no acting required.

Q3: Would some of the product from the movie help a little?
AR: I don't think anything helps. It's like all rational thought leaves your body, doesn't it? All.

Q4: So if you had to play an earthquake scene in a movie, you'd have it down.
AR: No research required (laughs). Yeah. (fakes wide-eyed terror and hangs onto the table). That's what I did in '94. I woke up and just hung on to the bed. How stupid was that?...

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