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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Penelope Cruz HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Vicky Cristina Barcelona"  photo
Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Aug 4, 2008
Penelope Cruz - Vicki Cristina Barcelona

Q1: At the press conference yesterday Woody Allen talked about, and it was very funny to hear him talk about the arguments that you had with Javier in Spanish, scenes where you're arguing with Javier in Spanish, and he had no idea, Woody Allen had no idea what you were saying, until you went back to his, to edit the film, and get someone who could translate what you were saying. How freeing is it for you as an actress to be able to do stuff like that, without even worrying or caring what the director thinks?
PC: No, he cares a lot but he was trusting us, you know, he was trusting all the actors to improvise sometimes in English, sometimes in Spanish, he didn't do it only with the Spanish, sometimes he would say okay, now with this, and just turn it around and you know what's the message that the character's has to send of course, but just use the words that you think she would use in that moment, so once in awhile he would do that or he w...

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