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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Woody Allen HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Vicky Cristina Barcelona"  photo
Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Aug 4, 2008
Woody Allen - Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Q1: I'm curious for you to talk about the inspiration you get from women. Can you talk about women and what they bring out in you in terms of making films?
WA: The interesting thing is, and I've said this before, when I first started I could never write for women. When I wrote my first couple of films and did them, and when I used to write my cabaret act, and I would write sketches for television, I could never write for women. I always wrote the male point of view. This went on and on for quite a while. People even commented about it at the time. Then I got into 'Play it Again, Sam' with Diane Keaton on stage. Keaton and I started dating, we started living together, and became very close. Through some kind of Socratic osmosis or something I started writing for women. I started writing for Diane, and I found I could write for women. Then I sort of only wrote for women. I wrote more and more for women, and I wrote for them all the...

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