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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Rachael Taylor, Freddie Rodriguez HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Penelope"  photo
Bottle Shock
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jul 29, 2008
Rachael Taylor and Freddy Rodriguez - Bottle Shock

Q1: Is your hair lighter than it used to be?
RT: Well, maybe. Yeah, I think possibly. Maybe it's just summertime.

Q2: Just wondering if you had done something. We saw you a couple months ago.
RT: Yeah. During the Shutter stuff?

Q3: Did you enjoy the earthquake today? Was it your first one?
RT: It was my first one. And I've got to say, I got a bit actressy around it. And I was really terrified, and I clutched Freddy's arm. Because I've never been in an earthquake before, so I didn't know at what point it was going to stop, or if it gets worse, or what the deal was. But it was fine. I survived.

Q4: And Freddy, you've been through them.
FR: No, I've been through one. But you know, I'm a husband and a dad, so I went into husband/dad mode, and just said, "Hey, everything's going to be fine."
RT: He was like, "Let's just move..." Really quietly he was like, "Let's just move out from under the chandelier."
FR: Yeah. Before i...

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