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Ghost Whisperer
Interview by: Jeffrey R. Hawley, Izumi Hasegawa
Jul 27, 2008
New characters, surprises to drive "Ghost Whisperer" in Season 4

The June 1st fire that devoured parts of the Universal Studios backlot was more than just a production setback for "Ghost Whisperer" cast and crew – it also offered a creepy welcome for the supernatural series' newest cast member, Jamie Kennedy, who was a member of the show's panel at San Diego Comic-Con on July 27th. "My character dies in a fire," Kennedy said. "The first episode is called 'Firestarter', and this fire started at Universal [Studios] on the set of my character's apartment. No lie." Kennedy described his character, a psychology student named Eli, as able to hear other ghosts but not see them. "[I] come back, and [I] have a little extra power. Melinda seeks me out... and she kinda shows me how to use it. But I can't do what she does, and I slowly think I'm going crazy."
Panelists also touched on the character of Ned, who was recast last season after he went off to a private high school, and ...

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