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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Smallville no image available
Interview by: Jeffrey R. Hawley, Izumi Hasegawa
Jul 27, 2008
"Smallville" to feature dangerous new villain

A new face has come to Smallville, and it will mean big trouble for Clark Kent, promised "Smallville" panelists on San Diego Comic-Con on July 27th. Doomsday, the incredibly powerful superbeing who battled Superman to the death in the comic books, will be making his debut in the upcoming eighth season of the hit CW drama, although with more of a Jekyll and Hyde twist than the original character. "I think you're gonna have to wait a little bit till you start seeing something you might recognize from the comic books," said Samuel Witwer, who will be playing the Doomsday character. "The character's name is Davis Bloome, he's a paramedic. Really, really nice guy. And eventually, he's gonna start... blacking out, losing time, he's gonna wonder what's going on during these blackout periods. What he finds out, it's not great." Even with the departure from the regular cast of arch-enemy Lex Luthor, Witwer is confident that Doomsday will p...

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