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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Supernatural no image available
Interview by: Jeffrey R. Hawley, Izumi Hasegawa
Jul 27, 2008
"Supernatural" details spilled at Comic-Con

Dean Winchester's escape from Hell and what he and his brother Sam have been up to since the third season's tragic finale will be the primary focal points when "Supernatural" returns to the air this fall, according to panelists at the show's presentation at San Diego Comic-Con on July 27th. "The mystery of what brought him out and what he was doing, and what Sam was doing in his time away from Dean... These will be the interesting questions and the primary concerns of Season 4," said creator Eric Kripke. "It's four months later, so you can see how they spent that time away from each other."
Dean may not be the only "dead" character returning for the new season. "Anyone could be coming back at any time on our show... We have a new storyline that we're unfolding for Season 4, and Eric will beat me about the head and shoulders if I tell you too much about it," teased writer-producer Sera Gamble. "Dead people come back all the time on the...

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