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Tropic Thunder
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Aug 3, 2008
Ben Stiller - Tropic Thunder

Q1: Okay, you just made me really laugh, really, really laugh...
BS: Really, oh good, thank you, good, I'm glad...

Q2: It is a fun, Robert Downey...
BS: Robert Downey's amazing right?

Q3: As a black man, I was not offended...
BS: I'm really happy to hear that...

Q4: I thought he couldn't pull it off, but, you're just getting better and better and better.
BS: Thank you very much, can we get married or something? (laughter) This is too good. (laughs) I'm a big Downey fan too and you know there are very few people I thought who could pull off that role and that was really important to me that the actor who was playing Kirk Lazarus in the movie was one of the most respected actors of his generation. It had to be a guy you actually bought as the real deal, and Downey is you know, he was like this incredible bargain basement steal of a genius actor at that point in time you know, because he was just, you know, he was just about to do ...

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