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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Jamie Bell, Sophia Myles HollywoodNewsWire.net  ""Mister Foe" Junket"  photo
Mister Foe
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Aug 26, 2008
Jamie Bell and Sophia Myles - "Mister Foe"

JB: I love this. [Laugh] Do I eat them?

Q1: Jamie can you talk about your character's great sense of makeup, and of costume?
JB: Yeah. Apparently girls like guys in in eyeliner um, so, yeah.

Q2: Is it the script, or did you create it?
JB: No, it was all the script. I mean I think it was--it's his rebellious nature, I think. Especially when we first meet him, he's someone who's dealt with loss, the loss of his mother. He's become a recluse; he's introverted himself; he's removed himself from his family life. I feel like it's an extension of this rebellious, feral warrior, which I think he believes himself to be. That this young person, who's dealt with loss, has found a way of dealing with it, which is, to become this strange feral creature. So I think that stuff is an extension of that feeling. Also, he's just weird. He's just a weird guy. [All Laugh] So if anything, the intelligent answer I think, is it's an extension of that feeli...

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