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Bangkok Dangerous
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Sep 3, 2008
Nicolas Cage – Bangkok Dangerous

Q: Hi Nick how are you doing?
NC: Good.

Q1: I bet. As a producer on the film, I'm sure you understand the decision to make your character have lines, as opposed to being a deaf-mute like the character in the original film, but as an actor, were you disappointed that you didn't get the opportunity to have that challenge?

NC: No not at all. I thought it actually worked out better to have the leading lady have that aspect to her behavior. I made it more emotional somehow. Also, my interests were more about the story of this white man in an entirely Asian world. Trying to fit in and trying to connect in some way with the culture

Q2: I understand that this film was interrupted by a military coup. Can you explain what happened? Did you fear for your safety on the set?

NC: I was on the set it; it was outside; it was about one o clock in the morning. The man in charge of the weapons said that we can't fire the guns because there is a mil...

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