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Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Sep 3, 2008
Aaron Eckhart - Towelhead

Q1: So tell us about this movie, this was really brave for you to do, I mean when you think that you're a leading actor...
AE: I was...

Q2: ...a lot of characters (unidentified words) will go, oh gosh, is this something I should be doing, I mean, what were your thoughts?
AE: That, those (laughter). You know, this script came to me through the usual channels of my agent, and you know my agent's always looking for specific things for me to do, you know, big and small and you know, when something comes to you with the pedigree that Alan's directing it, and you know, he's adapted it from this book and everything, you know, you have to listen to that and so I read it and I thought wow, you know, I had my reservations about it, I mean I think anybody would, how do you make it human, how do you make it real, how do you make it not just exploitive, or judgmental, I didn't want the character to be judgmental, and so I talked to Alan about it and he had you...

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