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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Paul Adelstein, Victor Garber, Swoosie Kurtz HollywoodNewsWire.net  ""Private Practice" "Pushing Daisies" The Paley Center for Media Fall Pr
Paley Center Fall Preview Parties – ABC
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Sep 10, 2008
Paley Center Fall Preview Parties – ABC

Paul Adelstein, Victor Garber, Swoosie Kurtz and Bryan Fuller

Q1: Are you happy to finally be back are you sort of anxious for this?
SK: I'm thrilled to be back, I mean it does seem like a long time, cause we aired last time I think in early December, is that correct? But we didn't work since the writers (unidentifed words), we didn't work since like November, it maybe seems like a long time,
doesn't it? (laughter) I'm really happy to be working again.
PA: There's a really nice little bubble that happens in television where you start doing episodes and feel oh we're just, we're doing it for us, and established as family, and then it gets to a point where you're like, what are we doing this for, no one's ever seen this, when are people going to see it, so I think after such a long break you really want to break out of the bubble, you want people to see it, get back into it.
SK: Yeah, we're on about episode eight, right now,...

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