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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Matthew McConaughey HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Fool
Surfer, Dude
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Sep 10, 2008
Matthew McConaughey – Surfer, Dude

Q1: Matthew could you describe in words the thrill you get from surfing?
MM: (laughs) The thrill I get from surfing.

Q2: Or what you get from surfing?
MM: What I get, well sometimes it is a thrill and it's scary as hell, there's a spot when you get on a wave and you're going down the line, down the line on the face of a wave, you're right on time. And if you get ahead of it, you'll catch a edge and crash. If you get behind it, you lose a wave you go back over the top. It's a good mixture to get the wave, you've got to ride it like a bull and get on it and attack it, but once you're up it is, you can't be one split second ahead of yourself, or one split second behind. And it's a real balance, sort of a zen move after that.

Q3: Could the same metaphor be used for filmmaking?
MM: For filmmaking? Oh wow, I don't know man...

Q4: If you really wanted to force the metaphor.
MM: Yeah, right. I mean, you can apply it, t...

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