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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Anne Hathaway HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Rachel Getting Married"  photo
Rachel Getting Married
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Sep 15, 2008
Anne Hathaway - Rachel Getting Married

Q1: What was the coolest thing about playing Kym?
AH: You mean besides the hair? For me, it was the first time that I've ever not editorialized a character. Sometimes I feel like 'okay I'm going to know my character better than everyone and here's what you're supposed to like about her and here's what you're not supposed to like and here's where she's coming from and here's her journey'. In a way, I would overthink it. I had a realization about a month before I made this movie that it really doesn't matter if I like Kym or not. It doesn't really matter, no offense, if any of you like her or love her.
Actually, the only thing that was important to her story is that you understand her. The worse thing I could do would be in any way, try to manipulate her to gain the audience's sympathy or respect. That was never my intention. I just figured 'okay my only job, all I have to do it to make her truthful'. If you make her truthful, she'll...

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