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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Wong Kar Wai HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Ashes of Time Redux junket"  photo
Ashes of Time Redux
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Sep 10, 2008
Wong Kar Wai - Ashes Of Time Redux

Q1: A lot of your films, especially this one, In The Mood For Love, they deal with, one of the themes is, the importance of one's memory, you know, and I'm wondering why that's a theme that you love to put in your storytelling, the idea of memory and it's loss and always going back or what not.
WKW: Well, one thing I, I was in Toronto two days ago, the date before yesterday, so people asked me, they said, well if you were going to make Ashes of Time now, what would you do? I said the first things that I would know is, I would make four films instead of one, because each chapter can be made into a film, because there's enough things to be discussed, and one thing I would say is like in, by the time we make Ashes of Time, it's a great opportunity, because it's not very often a director will be offered like a chance to make such a big budget martial arts epic. So I just tried to put as much I know about this genre and also the things I want to sa...

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