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Zach and Miri Make a Porno
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Oct 19, 2008
Elizabeth Banks - Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Q1: When you got the script & saw the title, did you have second thoughts?
EB: Nope. I didn't have a single second thought.

Q2: What attracted you- the great love story?
EB: Yeah, I really responded to the romance in it. I think Kevin's a giant romantic. He likes to wrap the romance in profanity, but he loves ladies. So it was that- it was the opportunity, frankly, to play a really well-written, authentic funny woman, opposite an authentically funny leading man, which is very rare. And in an honest and equal two-hander. Any actress in Hollywood is looking for that.

Q3: (Joking) Were you in top physical form for this? Did you know how much was going to be shown?!
EB: I was prepared to shoot it naked with the understanding that my busy parts would be covered mostly by Seth, so I wasn't really worried about it, and then- Kevin had always told us that 90% of the scene would be here- that he was going to try and focus this moment on o...

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