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Tropic Thunder
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Aug 3, 2008
Jack Black - Tropic Thunder

Q1: So I was talking to one of the publicists yesterday and I was saying what a great spot on parody of Eddie Murphy you were doing with the (unidentified words). But she said that she'd talked to you and that in a way it was also a parody of some of your own films. So expand on that if you will.
JB: Sure. Well you know, fatties fart two (laughter), I've definitely cashed in on some of my own issue, you know, my weight and my flatulence, has taken me a long way (laughter), just like Jeff Portnoy, in his fatties franchise. I haven't gone that far, but, I haven't done any movies that are about my farts, but I have farted in movies. (laughter) So, you know, I'm no stranger to that genre, and I love Eddie Murphy, and I love his films, so I wouldn't say I was making fun of them but we were making fun of all genres, of all movies, so I don't think he will be offended by that.

Q2: In the movie Be Kind Rewind, you appear in blackface and...
JB: O...

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