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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Stephen Chow HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Kung Fu Hustle"  photo
Kung Fu Hustle
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Mar 29, 2005
Q1: How did you end up doing a kung fu film with dancing numbers in it?
SC: It was an accident having the dancing sequences, but to make a kung fu movie was a dream and now it's come true. I am a big fan of these movies and I have been learning kung fu for a long time. I like it and that's why I made it.

Q2: How was the dancing sequence an accident?
SC: The actor who played the boss of the Ax gang, he is a dancer, and when I was trying to show how tough the Ax gang was it took a long time to try to figure out how to make them look tougher and different from normal gangs. Then I saw him dance and I thought we should dance. It sounds ridiculous to have dancing scenes show their toughness, but for me it makes sense because I try to go another way around to show how cruel they are. At the same time you inter-cut some incidents they have done.

Q3: How much pressure did you feel due to the success of Shaolin Soccer?
SC: No extra pressure.

Q4: Where did you get the idea for this ...

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