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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Jeff Goldblum HollywoodNewsWire.net  ""Last Chance Harvey" AFI FEST 2008 Centerpiece Gala Screening"  photo
Adam Resurrected
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Nov 24, 2008
Jeff Goldblum - Adam Resurrected

Q1: Can you talk about learning the performance aspect of this for all of the shows he does and just the little techniques within the story he does?
JG: Even aside from the cabaret stuff you mean?

Q2: Mainly the cabaret stuff and it pops up at various points also.
JG: Well, I'll tell you, luckily I had, different than any movie I've ever done, although I'm nothing if not conscientious whenever I get a part I figure that's the time I should start working on it and preparing it. Cause I like to prepare, I teach for the last twenty years and I like craft, and new investigations, new experiments with how can best prepare so good things come out. I had this a year before I did the part. So early on, some people do it differently and sometimes I've done it differently, but I figured I wanted to learn it, I kind of learned the nuts and bolts of it early on, and had students in my backyard, I have a guest house that is like a acting space, and my...

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