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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Danny DeVito HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Nobel Son"  photo
Nobel Son
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Dec 2, 2008
Danny DeVito - Nobel Son

(tape abruptly starts, Devito has been talking) DD: No, no, no, I'm not complaining. Am I complaining? I mean you guys got to sit in one spot. I hope somebody told you it was cold. No, I was in the car on the way here and I always wear my sunny hoodie and sun hat. Like this, I got the Reno 911 on now, but I said thank goodness I got this hoodie, because it's freezing. Okay, so Nobel Son, this is a lot of fun, I'm really happy to be part of it...

Q1: It's a really quirky character.
DD: Yeah, it's a quirky character. You know, I've known Randy since he was a baby. Rhea is Randy's first cousin. And I saw his first movie that he made which was a short film, when he was at USC, called Marilyn Hotchkiss, A Charm, Ballroom School, or something. And it was a short, I used to show it too the kids all the time because it was really charming. And then, he made it into a feature, like the whole thing with him is he and Jodi, who is his wife, and produc...

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