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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Mickey Rourke HollywoodNewsWire.net  ""The Wrestler" AFI Fest 2008 Presents"  photo
The Wrestler
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Dec 10, 2008
Mickey Rourke - The Wrestler

MR: All right, the lady with the dog asks all the questions. (laughter)

Q1: Do you want to hold him?
MR: Yes. Since they made me keep Loki upstairs. (picks up dog) Ohhh. How old?

Q2: He's just five months, this week. He's a little multi, his name's Timmy.
MR: Oh look at you. (kisses dog) C'mon Timmy. We'll change your name. (laughter)

Q3: I named him after the South Park character, the little crippled kid named "Timmy!"
MR: Oh wow, look at that.

Q4: Maybe you'll show him a couple of moves before you get out of here.
MR: Let me give you back to mommy. You're so cute (kisses dog again). I can't concentrate with a dog on my lap. (laughter)

Q5: Mickey, how many dogs do you have?
MR: Six. We'll I've got five of mine and (unidentified words) has one. A really annoying one. (laughter)

Q6: So are you the alpha dog?
MR: I'm always the alpha dog. (laughter)

Q7: How familiar were you with the world of wre...

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