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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Emma Roberts, Jake T. Austin
Hotel for Dogs
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jan 9, 2009
Ema Roberts and Jake T. Austin - Hotel for Dogs

Q1: So as the only person here who probably listened to your CD on the way in, are you going to make another CD?
ER: No I'm not. Right now I'm just focusing on acting and I know a lot of people do the acting and singing thing, but I want to be taken seriously as an actress, I don't want to be an actress-slash-singer. So, (laughs) yeah.

Q2: How did this come along for each of you guys?
JA: Well, I have an agent so I got the script, and I really felt it was a great character, so I read for it and I was lucky enough to get it and do the screen test with Ema.
ER: I got it, the script sent to me and they offered me the role, and I was just like yeah, I think this is a great project and Don Cheadle and Lisa Kudrow and Kevin Dillon, are all actors that I really admire, so it was something I just really wanted to do.

Q3: What about the dogs?
JA: The dogs. Going into it, I didn't really know what to expect, cause I'd never r...

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