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Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jan 9, 2009
Paul Bettany - Inkheart

Q1: What happened to all of your hair? (laughter)
PB: What happened to all of my hair. Charles Darwin happened to all of my hair.

Q2: Oh, talk about Charles Darwin, (unidentified words - laughter)?
PB: I'm just explaining my hair, in, it needs explaining, (laughter) Yes, I had a bald head and a comb over and a wig, so that's where my hair went. Famous for evolution, therein baldness. (laughter)

Q3: So was that your own hair in Inkheart?
PB: No, that was also a wig. I have a great wigmaker. Carol, yeah.

Q4: Did that make you want to grow your hair out like that, or not really? (laughter)
PB: No. I'm far too lazy to be able to deal with long hair.

Q5: He doesn't talk about so much your, the training process, the javelin fighters and how much fire is real and how much...
PB: Oh, it's entirely unreal. It's a very funny story, I learned with real fire. And, at the end, I mean obviously, look, it's a chain with a weighted obj...

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