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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Camilla Belle HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Push"  photo
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jan 24, 2009
Camilla Belle and Djimon Hounsou - Push

Q1: Congratulations.
DH: Thank you, thank you.

Q2: Do you know what she's congratulating you about?
DH: It can be anything. I was thinking about the movie.

Q3: What did you think of this movie when you got the script?
DH: Well, I thought it's about time somebody deals with that world. That was my first thought.

Q4: Which world?
DH: The science/occult world that most of us don't know anything about. Certainly, believing that, or imagining that this is ever possible I think is definitely a realistic thought process.

Q5: Has it always been a fascination of yours?
DH: Always has been in a way. I mean, where I've come from in Africa, we have a lot of mystical things that goes on there, but enough to let you believe that that is by far quite feasible.

Q6: Ever had any psychic experience?
DH: Mm, no. As you having a Déjà vu? No. You? Camilla?
CB: I have in a certain way. I think everyone has, I talked about intuiti...

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