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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Ryan Phillippe HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Crash"  photo
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Apr 25, 2005
Ryan Phillipe and Terrence Howard – Crash

Q1: Have you had your own encounters with the LAPD and how accurate do you think this is?
RP: The funniest thing for me was with Matt Dillion and I rode with a squad car to learn what is done with those guys. I had a hat on in the front seat, but Matt was in the back and he had no hat on. We pulled up to a corner and a kid sees Matt in the back of a squad car and he starts calling all his friends to tell them! That was great. He should have worn a hat. I've lived in LA for 11 years and I've had a few experiences with the LAPD. Being a cop is a stressful job. You pull somebody over and anything can happen. You don't know. I think it's a precarious job and position to be in. I don't think the right decision is always made and I don't think it could be. Someone also said in New York they have the mafia. In LA we have the corrupt part of the police force. There is good and bad and that's what this movie is about. We have darkness and ligh...

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