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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Rainn Wilson HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Monsters vs. Aliens"  photo
Monsters vs. Aliens
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Mar 27, 2009
Rainn Wilson - Monsters vs. Aliens

Q1: Okay, I saw a brief clip of this.
RW: Cool, what's it like?

Q2: You're the bad guy. You look like some kind of insect or something? I'm not quite sure what you are in this...but you're the bad guy and how do you pronounce your name in this?
RW: Gallaxhar.

Q3: Gallaxhar. It has an "x" in it.
RW: Yes. I am the bad guy. Thanks for noticing. And I guess you'd say Gallaxhar is a 4-eyed 6-legged part squid/part humanoid and all sexy. All the time.

Q4: I'm going to ask the obvious question. Let me actually...have you ever been offered an animated film before? And what made you say yes to this project?
RW: I have never been offered an animated film before and b. I needed the money. I'm joking, come on! Freak show. No, this was...Rob Letterman, the director, I knew through the grapevine and we had been trying to work on an indie film together actually a long time ago and Lisa Stewart, who's the producer of the film, produced my ...

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