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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Keanu Reeves HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Constantine"  photo
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jan 30, 2005
Q1: Tell us about the ping-pong games?
KR: It was just one. Francis Lawrence gave me a ping-pong table with Constantine written on it. Simon said he was really good at the game, and he was. That was the only real recreation we had as a cast though. We all got along really well and there was great enthusiasm from the crew to the cast, which I think is a testament to the material we were working on.

Q2: Your character smokes a lot in the movie, how much did you actually smoke?
KR: Too much. It's a character trait of the character. He's dealing with a lot and it's a tool to help numb himself. I smoke myself.

Q3: How familiar were you with the Hellraiser comic books and how did you feel about some of the changes like the change in setting from England to the U.S.?
KR: I wasn't familiar with the character before I read the script. When the script came to me it had already changed to American so I didn't know that. When I started doing research I found that out, but the important p...

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