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The Soloist
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Apr 2, 2009
Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr. – The Soloist

Q1: First of all congratulations, this is just wonderful and we were all talking about how it has stuck with us, we just saw the movie last night, and Jamie, I guess the first question goes to you only because they were talking about it, but you had the ability to transform yourself into any individual it seems, I never met Mr. Ayers, but I understand that after you took notes, the first time you saw him, when they saw you the second time, you looked so much like him, they couldn't tell the difference. How does that happen?
JF: Well, I mean, you know, all of us, we sort of like you want to be the person. I had a chance to go down to Lamp and watching the Nathaniel Anthony Ayers from a distance, without meeting him. Because a lot of times when people meet us, they'll be on their best behavior, or they'll change, I just wanted to see him in his element, how he ordered his food, how he talks to people, and within five minutes,...

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