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"NUMB3RS" 100th Episode Bash
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Apr 21, 2009
Rob Morrow – Numb3rs

Q1: So congratulations for the 100 episodes !
RM: Thank you.

Q2: How do you feel now?
RM: Well, I feel so lucky and grateful, that the shows lasted this long, that people love it, that we get a chance to continue to make the show, that the shows more and more reflects who we are, it takes on our, over time in the TV series, the characters take on the aspects of the people that play them, so it's nice seeing that evolve.

Q3: So you're working with David and the cast for about four years, so everything goes so quick and easy, without saying anything, you guys can click so quick ?
RM: Yeah. And we can dig into some very deep places very quickly.

Q4: So what is your favorite episode or scene? You recall the 100 episodes, so what is your favorite moment or scene?
RM: Well you know when Tony Scott, who's one of the producers came and directed, that was pretty great. Because I love his films and to have that energy and that sense of aest...

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