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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: J. J. Abrams HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Star Trek"  photo
Star Trek
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Apr 26, 2009
J.J. ABRAMS – Star Trek

Q1: What is the possibility of a sequel to this film? Will you continue with the boldness of the first film?
JJ: Obviously, it was a dream to work with these guys and the whole cast and crew, and it would be incredible fun to get to do it again. It is also insanely presumptuous to assume that it will work when it's out there, that people will like it, and that there will be a need for another one. If there is, the good news is that there's a deal for the writers and a deal for the actors. It's in place. We have not had one meeting. We have not had one discussion. There's no outline. There's no script. There's nothing. We're fishing for ideas.

Q2: JJ, was there ever a moment when you woke up and thought, "Oh, my God, what am I doing?" You're like trying to reinvent some people's first love with this movie?
JJ: Yeah, there honestly were a few moments where I was looking at what we were doing from the outside in and just started sweating and was ju...

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