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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Steven Soderbergh HollywoodNewsWire.net  ""Che" AFI Fest 2008 Centerpiece Gala Screening"  photo
The Girlfriend Experience
Interview by: Megumi Torii
May 14, 2009
Steven Soderbergh – The Girlfriend Experience

Q1: So the obvious question is, why did you choose to cast Sasha?
SS: Well, as you may have read, I saw the article in Los Angeles Magazine about her, which was about summer of '06 when that was published. And the way she talked about herself her reasons for getting into the adult industry and the way that she planned to navigate the adult industry didn't seem typical to me. I'd never really heard anybody like her talk about the business that way, that specific business. Somebody who said, here are my reasons for going into it, and this is how I want to work within it. I just made a note like that's, I've never heard anybody talk like that. I guess the point being, she had a plan, and I'd never heard anybody in that business talk about having a plan. There are similarities to escorts who work at this level, the ones that we interviewed, are similar in the sense that they all had plans, they all either had another business ...

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