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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Sandra Bullock HollywoodNewsWire.net  "The Proposal"  photo
The Proposal
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
May 31, 2009
Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds – The Proposal

Q1: That nude scene was very bold and you looked fantastic, can you talk about shooting that?
SB: Thank you, Ryan's penis, I can, (laughter) at length...
RR: In great detail...

Q2: And making sure every hair stayed in place to keep(unidentified words)
SB: Well, sadly, my first and last nude scene got laughs. So I had to be very secure with that. It was all about choreography, I mean literally when you read it on the page you saw it and then you said okay, there's no way to shoot this unless you're buck naked. And then I went go to the gym, cut out the carbs, but when it's funny, I think, if it turned out funny it was worth it. (laughs) But while we were shooting it, it was supposed to be Betty and I naked. (laughter) And Betty has it in her contract that she only does nude scenes with like Ryan. I'm glad it made people laugh, shooting it was odd, and there are things stuck to areas that generally you don't have,...

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