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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Francis Ford Coppola HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Tetro"  photo
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jun 1, 2009
Francis Ford Coppola – Tetro

Q1: Can you talk about what it was about Alden that kind of caught your eye and what made you want to cast him in particularly for your film?
FFC: Well, when I had written the story, as I said many times, it's not really true, it didn't happen, but certain things did happen and one thing that happened is that there was a younger brother and it was me and I did run away from military school, not for reasons in the story here, but you kind of use your personal life as source material and use your memories and your feelings to put the flesh on a fictional story that you might cook up, but so the young guy was sort of someone I wanted to feel, reminded me of me, not that I was handsome as Alden is, but he was probably dark, dark haired and at any rate, when I met Alden, and a lot of young actors, a lot of like more in the 24 year old area, because that's often what happens when you're casting an eighteen year old, but I always felt for example that ...

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