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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Lisa Edelstein HollywoodNewsWire.net  "The Creative Process: Inside House"  photo
House M.D.
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jun 17, 2009
Lisa Edelstein – House M.D.

Q1: Johnny passed away a couple of seasons ago, did your character change?
LE: Her journey through life? No characters on television ever change, because they can't. If they change, then the show changes, so what you really do is you learn more about a person, so it's not that they're changing, they're just being revealed. They're being unveiled, one layer at a time. So you definitely will learn more and more about Heidi and in fact I even take off all my clothes at some point. I literally unveil myself. I'm not sure if that's happened in Japan yet. (laughter)

Q2: So you kind of discovered the new things, one by one, about your character, what is the most surprising for you?
LE: It's not really surprising, because I think what happens is, the writing marries the actor. And so when you first get on a show, it's really all from the imagination of the writer, but as we all work together and get to know each other, and they see your str...

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