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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: David Shore HollywoodNewsWire.net  "The Creative Process: Inside House"  photo
House M.D.
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jun 17, 2009
David Shore – House M.D.

Q1: What is the benefit to hiring Hugh Laurie for this role?
DS: He's good, I mean it really is that general, he just, he can do anything, anything you throw at him. Play the piano, he plays the piano, tell a joke, he tells a joke. Be dramatic, he's dramatic, he can really do anything. It frees us up so much in the writing, that we can throw a joke in the middle of the most dramatic scenes, he delivers the joke, and we still are weeping at the end of the scene. And that is such a rare quality in actors, and he is sarcastic and nasty and at the same time you see the humanity behind the eyes and you still like him. He brings all that to the role and that's what the character is and it wouldn't exist without him.

Q2: When you created this show what did you most pay attention to, and concerned, because it's been five years, it should be fresh, every episode, so...
DS: I still enjoy exploring this character, I still enjoy exploring, not even j...

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