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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Rose Byrne HollywoodNewsWire.net  "KNOWING"  photo
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jul 8, 2009
Rose Byrne – Adam

Q1. I thought Beth was a really interesting character because the choice that she was making and I wondered about your approach to how much she knew. Did you read up on Aspergers or did you want to learn it as the character was learning it?
RB. I have a family friend who has Aspurgers so I already knew a bit about it and I read a really great novel called "Precarious Incident of The Dog in the Night Time" by Mark Haden a British writer. It was a great novel that came out a number of years back now but it's still told from the perspective of an eight year old boy who has Aspergers and his parents are getting divorced. I mean it's a very sad and moving book. So that's kind of my exposure to it. And then once I got this role and took it on, Max didn't want me to do too much stuff because Beth doesn't really know much like you say, so I didn't go to the sort of meetings that they went to and I didn't do much further reading beyond that to know of take that bit o...

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