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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Michael C. Hall, Julie Benz, Jennifer Carpenter
Dexter Comic-Con 2009 Press Conference
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jul 23, 2009
Dexter Comic-Con 2009 Press Conference

MCH: Michael C. Hall
JB: Julie Benz
JC: Jennifer Carpenter
JL: John Lithgow
JG: John Goldwyn
SC: Sara Colleton
CP: Clyde Phillips

Q1: (file abruptly starts) science fiction and comics.
MCH: Well, Dexter isn't based on a graphic novel, but it has the feel of something that may well have been based on a graphic novel, I think there's certainly, along with many other things going on, a superhero element to the character, and I think he as a character captures the fascination of Comic-Con.

Q2: He's iconic, and he has thought balloons. I'm from Los Angeles, and suddenly we're covering the business of Hollywood, and part of it is all media, that it is surprising that in the past decade, film and TV have realized that the core audience of Comic-Con, they are the true fans, (unidentified words) chime in on that, (unidentified words) bunch of geeks dressed up and apparently they were a lot more than that and they always were, the...

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