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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Roland Emmerich HollywoodNewsWire.net  ""2012" 2009 Comic-Con Press Conference"  photo
"2012" 2009 Comic-Con Press Conference
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jul 25, 2009
Roland Emmerich - 2012

Q1: Roland, what is it about you and the end of the world?
RE: It's a love affair.

Q2: Because it's apparently that's an on-going theme in most of your works. What is the fascination with that?
RE: Well, I think the first time I was confronted with it was with Independence Day. The world ends July 4 which was for us, like Dean and me some sort of absolute statement. Then I was attracted to it again in Day After Tomorrow because I had the feeling that if we keep going, that will be the end. It would be not the total end but an Ice Age will come or some other big catastrophe. And then this time around, I was discussing with Harold possible new projects. And we came up with this idea that maybe a global flood would be a great movie because we could do a retelling of Noah's Ark in a modern way. Then we played around with who would build these arks. And then, during the course of coming up with the story, we found this phenomenon 2012 and we incorporated...

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