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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Robin Williams HollywoodNewsWire.net  "RV"  photo
World's Greatest Dad
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Aug 14, 2009
Robin Williams and BobCat Goldthwait – World's Greatest Dad

Q1: Robin, give us your thing on your one man show coming for HBO.
RW: It's back, now after surgery and three months off, I've just started to do the warm-ups again and been able to do an hour and a half, hour and forty show, I went, okay, I can go the distance now, let's see how it will be back out on the road. I'm going to go back out and start to do, I mean I have another month locally in San Francisco, just to kind of get back out, but it feels good to be back up and doing it again, because (laughs) just before the surgery, it was like (speaks all weathered) okay, thank you! (laughter) This has been really fun...(laughter) It was that thing of oh, how are you going to do it, and then after the surgery, you do get that weird kind of like, oh, I had the surgery in Cleveland, and I woke up in Cleveland going, where am I? Cleveland. Why? (laughter) Well, you had heart surgery. Oh cool, cool. And then I go...

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