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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Malcolm McDowell HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Heroes: Countdown to the Premiere"  photo
Halloween II
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Aug 24, 2009
Malcolm McDowell - Halloween II

Q1: We were talking a little earlier about your feelings about journalists in the movie. (laughter)
MM: Oh yes, that's right. (laughter)

Q2: We were deeply hurt.
MM: (laughter) Did you mention journalists were intelligent all in the same sentence? But I love the relationship between him and the P.R. lady, she was brilliant by the way. Great actress. It was fun, I just thought it was time to bring a little comedy into Halloween and also, I didn't want to play Loomis like I'd played him before, why bother doing it again, so I just made up another character, just to really fuck with the minds of all the aficionados of the Halloween series.

Q3: Well your scenes were good because you needed some relief...
MM: That's what I kind of figured. Cause I knew that Rob would do his dark, violent thing, so it's fun that Loomis is always in a limo, and you're talking about drug addicts, all depressed, and everyone is like, ahhh, but Loomis is...

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