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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Craig Perry, Eric Bress
The Final Destination
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Aug 27, 2009
Craig Perry (producer) and Eric Bress (writer) - The Final Destination

Q1: It's bold to have a reverse lynching. How did you conceive that and go there?
EB: Sure, other than me being insane. Yeah, I wrote part two and four but I'm also a fan of the whole franchise and I loved part one and three. But I noticed that one thing you never got to see was a character you hate getting killed. It's all people that you are introduced to that you're supposed to care about and it's sort of a fine line. Do I care about this person or do I want to see the most violent death I can see as an audience member? We thought why not have an incredibly hated character, just a hateful person? So we came up with this Racist. Because this franchise is known for its sort of tongue in cheek irony, we talked on the phone about what better way can this guy go out than the way he dies? It's such an appropriate ending for this person.'

Q2: Did you have any issues with the studio or MPAA?
CP: Nope. No problem ...

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