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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: John Robinson HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Lords of Dogtown"  photo
Lords of Dogtown
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
May 15, 2005
Q1: Was that your real hair?
JR: I'm wearing $2000 worth of hair extensions from some Russian woman's hair. We had to spend 3 hours a day putting them back in because they fall out every two seconds, especially when you are skating.

Q2: Did you skateboard a lot before the movie?
JR: I'm from Portland, Oregon so I would be snowboarding and wakeboarding a lot, but not really skateboard. When I auditioned I did it with Tony and they knew I could handle it because I do board sports. Then when I got the part we had 3 months of training where it was surfing and skating every single day, training by Tony. We were pushing each other so hard we all got better.

Q3: How different was it doing Gus's movie to doing something like this?
JR: A huge difference. For Gus's movie I was just living at home down the street and commuting to the location. Especially with Gus, it's not like we are making a movie we are just doing whatever. It's a totally different experience going from independent to...

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