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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Michael Sheen HollywoodNewsWire.net  "20th Annual Producers Guild Awards Arrival"  photo
The Damned United
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Sep 21, 2009
Michael Sheen - The Damned United

Q1: Michael, what would be a dream match for you to watch?
MS: Serena Williams against Kanye West. (laughs) That would be a dream match, wouldn't it?

Q2: Soccer?
MS: I'd like to watch the George Best Manchester United Team, against the Kevin Keegan Liverpool team.

Q3: Are a fan of soccer?
MS: Yeah, when I was a kid, that's all I cared about. All I thought about was football. All I did, play football, think football, eat football, talk football, which is not to dissimilar to every other kid in Britain, but then when I was twelve, I was offered a place in Arsenal, which is a big team in Britain, and it would have meant moving from my small town in Wales to London. Well, my whole family moving to London, so my mom and dad said, 'We're not doing that!' So, I had to say no, but my obsession with football just got kind of really focused onto acting instead really, so within a few years after that, I was into other stuff. But I n...

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