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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Ellen Page HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Whip it"  photo
Whip It
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Sep 29, 2009
Ellen Page - Whip It

Q1: How was it working with Drew?
EP: In general? She's an awesome person. Luminous, infectious, kind, warm, passionate person - that's who she is and even more than that, she's just an incredibly powerful human being I think and just an absolute pleasure and honor to work with.

Q2: How did you find her as a director?
EP: Phenomenal. So available all the time. Completely assured, always knew what she wanted, and just remarkably present at every moment. Really inspiring, mind blowing.

Q3: This was a different role for you – what drew you to it?
EP: Well, lots of things. First and foremost it was a good screenplay. It felt sincere, the relationships felt sincere and the resurgence of derby in the roller derby world was just interesting to me. I thought it was great for young women, a world where women could be aggressive and competitive and strong and women of all shapes and sizes. And Drew who's gonna directing, it was pretty exciting.


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