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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Spike Jonze, Max Records, Catherine Keener HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Where The Wild Things Are"  photo
Where The Wild Things Are
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Oct 2, 2009
Spike Jonze, Max Records and Catherine Keener - Where The Wild Things Are

Q1: How's the day going for you?
MR: Good.

Q2: Is this fun for you?
MR: Yeah. Well, kind of.

Q3: How did Spike mess with you and scare you?
MR: It was all just stuff that he does to try to - - instead of acting, he wants it to be real, spontaneous emotion, like raw emotion. So instead of just telling people, "Okay, get out there and be scared" or something, or "Be happy" or something, he'd have some of the wild things in the background, off camera having a light saber fight or something.

Q4: Did you think Catherine Keener in death makeup was too much?
MR: Yeah, that instance specifically was just like, "Seriously? You know."

Q5: Did it work?
MR: I think probably in that instance, I guess Keener got covered in this makeup and then sat there. I don't think that that was probably the thing that really made me - - we're talking about Keener in her bloody stump.
SJ: Oh right. Yeah, that one did...

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