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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Richard Curtis HollywoodNewsWire.net  ""Pirate Radio"junket"  photo
Pirate Radio
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Oct 23, 2009
Richard Curtis - Pirate Radio

Q1: Many, many, many years ago in other lifetime I worked with somebody who had been a DJ on Radio Caroline and he talked about how tough it was that people were seasick a lot of the time...
RC: Yes.

Q2: that they had to weight down the turntable hours so heavily that they couldn't play the records more than a couple of times.
RC: Yeah they used to stick coins on there, on the wire, on the arm.

Q3: So you weren't trying to portray what it was really like?
RC: Well we thought, we were being, they were all lied to. They were all told that it was going to be like the Hilton, or The Queen Elizabeth, and then when they arrived it was some dirty old fishing ship. And so the ship that we got was pretty rough and pretty rusty. It was an Estonian hospital ship which smelt of goulash and red cabbage, downstairs, so I tried not to over romanticize it, but we didn't get.... we didn't get too much bad weather, so it didn't... we didn't shake him up too mu...

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