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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Travis Payne HollywoodNewsWire.net  "This is it"  photo
This Is It
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Oct 28, 2009
Travis Payne - This Is It

Q1: Has Janet seen the film?
TP: I'm not sure she has. I would think she's gonna see it very soon though because all of the family has started to view it.

Q2: Have you had any kind of response?
TP: Absolutely. I spoke to Jermaine and I spoke to Taj, one of the nephews. I spoke to two of the female cousins, Rebe's daughters, last night and they loved it. The children see it today. So everybody is excited. Everybody is happy. They're thrilled.

Q3: You're right next to Michael for a lot of the scenes in this. Was that usually the way you worked with him?
TP: Yeah. We were always that close knit. You just sort of gravitate to Michael. You just want to be near him and he was so welcoming and open and loving and nurturing that it was very easy to. He made himself available. I think that these walls had to go around him because people did not allow him to have a normal existence. But once he was in his own sort of space, he was just a guy in love with hi...

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