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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Hugh Laurie HollywoodNewsWire.net  ""House M.D. " Season 6 Premiere Screening"  photo
"House M.D. " Season 6 Premiere Screening
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Sep 17, 2009
Hugh Laurie – House M.D.

Q1: House is very popular in Japan, but hasn't aired season five yet. Could you give us a little preview?
HL: All kinds of big adventures happened in season five. The second half of season five is all about the mental disintegration of House. He's on a pretty steep decline... he's in a bad way, and winds up in a mental institution. He really comes to pieces at the end of season five, and that's how we begin season six.

Q2: After Amber's death, was House's relationship with Wilson broken?
HL: It puts a lot of strain on House's friendship with Wilson, and also his relationship with Cuddy, and the very strong feelings he obviously has for her, and she for him, but it does not run smooth. It's a rocky road for House and the other characters. I'm so menaced.

Q3: Do you have a message for the Japanese audience?
HL: I thank you for watching, and I'm so thrilled that you enjoy the show. I hope you keep enjoying the show, and you enjoy season five, and...

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