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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Samantha Morton HollywoodNewsWire.net  ""Everybody
The Messenger
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Nov 3, 2009
Samantha Morton – The Messenger

Q1: Did you meet someone else who is in the same situation as the character you play?
SM: No, I decided against that for the simple reason that Olivia, although obviously written, was also a creation from inside my heart and I think that If I'd have met somebody that that had happened to, I would have found it very hard to separate her emotion from Olivia's. I may have then been in danger of picking up on something this woman did or how she felt and in turn bringing it into the character. Sometimes that fine, sometimes there are parts that you really need to do that. But because of the way I was shooting in sequence, I thought I don't want to know anything, I just want to be here and see how I feel when I'm told. I think that was brave of Oren and brave of all of us but I think we pulled it off. I also think that there's the idea of research for someone, but you also have to take responsibility for developing a character yourself. It's very e...

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